A Scottsdale Nonprofit

Logo & Branding

As the organization changed their name, with it came a new logo that better represented their place in the Scottsdale community. The mark represents the three facets they serve (Youth, Families, and Seniors) and forms a representation of a cactus which roots them in Arizona.

Website Design & Development

The Scottsdale Community Partners responsive WordPress website features program pages, fundraising opportunities like a call for sponsors or donations, a Facebook feed, multi-step forms, and several pages of critical content important to a nonprofit.

Social Media

The content strategy and design for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook focuses on education, outreach, and calls for donations to support their mission.

Email Marketing

When working with a list of donors, organizations must be careful to not consistently email with an “ask” of a donation. We aim to education and inform on happenings with occasional fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

Campaign Development

We have developed several fundraising or awareness campaigns for SCP, allowing them to sub-brand their initiatives. Givetober and Alli Ortega Empty Bowls are their flagship fundraising events throughout the year. A Seniors in Crisis Awareness Month campaign was designed to gain exposure for their senior programs in a way that it can be used by any organization which expanded the reach significantly.